Historisches Museum Bamberg | Bamberg Historical Museum

Explore the precious collections of the world heritage city Bamberg in the Alte Hofhaltung, right next to the Bamberg Cathedral. Admire many different art and historical testimonies from all epochs, from early history to the immediate present. Not only the exhibitions tell timeless stories; the beautiful building of the Alte Hofhaltung also whispers tales of kings, emperors and bishops who lived here.

Current exhibitions:

until October 29th 

  •    Love or burden?! Construction site monument

until November 30th 

  •     In the course of History | The Regnitz, Bamberg´s Lifeline

Using the example of the World Heritage city of Bamberg, the exhibition "In the course of History | Bamberg's Lifeline Regnitz" shows the diverse cultural, economic, historical and ecological connections between the city and the river and makes them visible and understandable in their diversity, beauty and significance.

  •     100 Masterpieces | From Lucas Cranach and Pieter Breughel to Otto Modersohn

In the exhibition "100 Masterpieces | From Lucas Cranach to Pieter Breughel to Otto Modersohn" you can admire paintings from seven centuries, selected from the art treasures of the municipal painting collection to give an insight into the rich diversity of the Bamberg collection.

  •     Jewish life in Bamberg

The exhibition "Jewish in Bamberg" shows the history of Bamberg's Jews as part of the city history. You can discover historical sources and objects as well as private reminiscences from the Middle Ages to the present day to learn more about German-Jewish history and culture.

  •     Time and space  |  Department for astronomy and time measurement

In the exhibition "Time and space" you can enjoy amazingly accurate observation and measuring instruments as well as solar and mechanical clocks from the 16th to the 18th century.

Various temporary exhibitions round off the offer of the Historical Museum.


Opening times:

Tuesday to Sunday | 10 am - 5 pm
Open on holidays

Unfortunately closed on Sunday 7 May 2023 due to the World Heritage Run!


Alte Hofhaltung
Domplatz 7
96049 Bamberg

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@ museum@stadt.bamberg.de

Sammlung Ludwig Bamberg | Ludwig Collection Bamberg

The famous Old Town Hall in the heart of Bamberg cannot only be seen from the outside: go inside and marvel at the real treasure preserved inside, the Ludwig Bamberg Collection.

The picturesque building in spectacular location, built in the middle of the river in the Middle Ages, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Germany. Since 1995, the Old Town Hall has housed the collection of Peter and Irene Ludwig, the largest private porcelain collection in Europe and the largest private collection of Strasbourg faience outside France.

Explore the exciting history of the invention of the "white gold" from Böttger's stoneware, passing trough the first porcelain mixtures with alabaster to the final recipe still used today. Figures as table decorations, tureens in the shape of animals, scented vessels and services for coffee, tea and chocolate are reminders of the sumptuous life and table culture of the 18th century.

The exhibition is adjoined by the famous rococo hall of the Bamberg councillors, from which you can enjoy the best and most exclusive view of "Little Venice".

Current exhibition:

April 28th  extended to April 7th 2024

  •    Fake Food. Food between appearance and reality

Opening times:

Tuesday to Sunday | 10 am - 4:30 pm


Altes Rathaus  
Obere Brücke 1
96047 Bamberg
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Tel  +49 (0) 951.87 11 42  |  Information
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@ museum@stadt.bamberg.de

Stadtgalerie Bamberg - Villa Dessauer

This representative Villa from 1884, which belonged to the Jewish hop trader Dessau, today hosts the modern Art Gallery of Bamberg.

Current exhibitions:

May 26th  until  August 13th 2023 

  •  Swaantje Güntzel - INSTANT PARADISE


Opening times:

Tuesday to Sunday | 12 am - 6 pm
Open on Holidays
Only open for special exhibitions

    Villa Dessauer
    Hainstraße 4a
    96047 Bamberg

    Tel  +49 (0) 951.87 18 61  |  Ticket desk   Only available during special exhibitions
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    Historical Museum of Bamberg
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    Ludwig Collection Bamberg
    and Gallery Villa Dessauer

    Adults 6 €
    Students 3 €
    Children up to 18 Years for free €

    [The admission fee can differ in special exhibitions.]

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